Hemp CBD Oil; The Basics

It’s not unusual for people interested in trying something new to hesitate when they feel overwhelmed by their options. Conflicted thoughts are often fueled by the fear of making the wrong decision.

Even those who spend numerous hours investigating the many potential health benefits of hemp CBD, who understand the significance of endocannabinoid support, often delay making a purchasing decision. Some hesitate because they are confused by industry terminology, others are simply overwhelmed by the significant number of available product options. Many people simply don’t know where to start.

As with any new experience, it is often helpful to have someone guide you through the decision-making process in a way that’s easy to understand. We can help you through those first crucial steps, CBD isn’t that complicated once you know where to begin.

Begin by Selecting Between CBD isolate or Full-Spectrum CBD Oil   

The first step to becoming a CBD enthusiast is selecting the type of CBD product you would prefer to use. You may have noticed while investigating the numerous potential benefits of hemp CBD that some products are made with full-spectrum hemp CBD oil while others are made with CBD isolate.

The choice between these distinctly different products is simply a matter of preference; each product type has its advantages. To select the product that’s right for you, consider the following:


  • Full-Spectrum CBD – Full Spectrum Products

    CBD is just one of the many non-psychoactive plant-based cannabinoids found in hemp oil. Hemp oil also contains at least 480 natural plant compounds, including the plant terpenes, flavonoids, and essential minerals found in the original plant source. Many people who use CBD products consider full-spectrum hemp oil to be superior to its isolate counterpart because of a natural phenomenon known as the entourage effect, the ability of individual plant components to magnify and multiply the effects of the others. It may be important to know that full-spectrum CBD does contain trace amounts of THC (0.3 percent or less), the cannabinoid that causes the “high” from marijuana use. The insignificant amount of THC in hemp oil is not enough to cause intoxication.


  • CBD Isolate Products – Isolate Products

    CBD isolate is essentially a purified form of hemp oil where all of the other plant compounds and cannabinoids have been removed. The resulting powder is more than 99 percent pure cannabidiol. Since CBD isolate is flavorless and odorless, isolate products are often preferred by those who want to add CBD to their favorite recipes or simply do not care for the flavor of natural hemp oil, often described as earthy or grassy. Those who are concerned about ingesting even trace amounts of THC appreciate knowing that isolate products are THC-free.

Those who may be interested in the potential benefits of full-spectrum CBD but want to stay away from THC also have a third alternative, broad-spectrum CBD wax. Broad spectrum wax contains many of the potentially beneficial cannabinoids and compounds of a full-spectrum product, without the THC. Broad-spectrum wax can be used sublingually (under the tongue), added to recipes, used to create your own broad-spectrum tincture, or for dabbing, a form of vaping.


Select a Product Type Suited to Your Needs and Lifestyle

Now that you have decided between an isolate product or full-spectrum CBD, you will want to choose a product that fits your lifestyle. While many people start their CBD adventure with a simple CBD tincture, you have many options. Consider the benefits of selecting from some of these popular products:

CBD Tinctures – CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are versatile and easy to use. Simply hold the oil under your tongue for 30-90 seconds before swallowing, or add your tincture to your favorite beverages, sauces, or yogurt. When purchasing a tincture, it is important to note how many milligrams of CBD your bottle contains, the higher the CBD content, the less product you will be using per dose.

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When you select a CBD capsule, softgel, or gummy, your dosage has been pre-measured. Many people like these convenient options because they are portable and discrete. CBD gummies are a particularly fun, delicious introduction to the many potential benefits of endocannabinoid system support.

To purchase Capsules, Softgels or Gummies

  • CBD Vape Product – CBD vape products are considered the fasted method of CBD delivery because vaping allows CBD to enter your bloodstream quickly, bypassing the digestive processes. Although CBD vape is fast-acting, the effects of ingestable products are longer lasting. Those interested in CBD vape products have the option of disposable vape pens, rechargeable systems, or CBD e-liquids to use with vape gear they already own.

To Purchase Vape Products

  • Topical CBD – CBD infused creams and ointments allow CBD users to apply their products where and when they need it most. Research shows that topical CBD absorbs through the skin targeting specific areas needing to be treated.

To Purchase Topicals

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